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Congratulations on having your very own real estate app. Now you want to ensure your app’s success! First, it is important that you market your app as your call to action on every marketing piece. Next, make sure to engage your users and help them see the value in this tool that you’re offering them. To effectively engage your users and turn cold leads into warm leads, you need to understand the different kinds of users.

  1. Active Clients (active buyers and sellers who are transacting business with you)
  2. Known Leads (potential buyers and sellers you have met or know of but are not yet doing business with)
  3. Unknown Leads (potential buyers and sellers who you have not met or know anything about)

Let’s go over some great ways to engage your users!

Let’s start off with your ability to reach Active Clients and Known Leads quickly and easily with the Invite Friends feature. With Invite Friends it is easy to send an email or text blast to your contact list with one touch! (friends, current and past clients, neighbors, etc. Everyone can find this app useful!) It is a great way to share your app with someone you meet at an open house, just text them an invite. Encourage your family and friends to send the app to their contact list.

Just remember the key with leads is balance. Too much contact and you become overbearing but too little and they will forget you are even there. We recommend sending a few texts/emails in the few days following your interactions. Make sure to make the messages personal, connective and genuine.

TIP: Send new users this App User Guide in a welcome email immediately after sign-up.

Additionally, don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive an immediate response or they reply that they aren’t interested. Remember, it is generally accepted that in marketing, a lead doesn’t become interested in a product/service until the 6th touch point. It will take more than one message or reach out to secure a client.

Once a user downloads and logs into your app (an Active Client, Known or Unknown Lead) you are able to connect with them because you have captured their information (name, email, and verified phone). Now, this is where the magic happens! You have the ability to know what they are viewing inside your app, no matter what kind of client they are. Having your own app gives you the ability to monitor user activity so you can better engage with them. To gain insights on your users it is crucial you understand how to use and gather data from either the Agent Insights inside of your app or your Agent Dashboard which is the full desktop version.

Agent Insight/ Agent Dashboard is your lead generation, lead capture portal. Here you will be able to gain valuable insights on your clients and engage with them in ways that are informative and data driven. With one tap you can see:

  • Which users were recently in the app, and a list of all users.
  • The views, favorites, shares and notes each user engages in!
  • A user’s habits and behaviors, and easily share new listings from the valuable insights you gain.

With these back-end analytics you now have valuable information like never before to connect and engage with your users!

Ready to take a closer look? Check out our 11-page User Engagement Guide for tips, tricks, and scripts to ensure maximum app user engagement.

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Posted by HomeStack on November 20, 2018

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