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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a multi app discount?

    While there isn't a discount on the initial setup fee we do offer a discounted monthly fees for multi-app purchases. Contact your Account Executive or Customer Support for more information.

  • How do I purchase an additional app?

    Contact your Account Executive or Customer Support to sign up for an additional app.

  • Why am I seeing a monthly charge?

    There is an initial sign up fee and a monthly fee associated with the app.

  • What does it cost?

    HomeStack charges a one-time setup fee and a recurring monthly fee to build and maintain your personalized app. Contact us at for more details on pricing and discounts available in your area.

  • Can I choose any name for my app?

    App names are like domain names, once a name is taken then it cannot be used by another customer. With that being said, you can choose any app name that is available. However, you cannot infringe on any copyrights or registered trademarks.

  • Will my monthly fee ever go up?

    Nope! Once you sign up, there will no in increase in your monthly fee, even as we release updates and new features!

  • How do I cancel?

    While we would be sad to see you go we are always happy to help, you can easily contact our Support team to cancel.

  • How do I request a refund?

    Because custom programming and development is needed to create your app, we do not provide refunds for apps that have already been built and uploaded. If you're unsatisfied in any way please contact customer support - we would love to help you!

  • How do I invest in HomeStack?

    We always appreciate hearing that clients believe in our products and mission and want to invest.  However, we are currently a private company and therefore do not offer investment opportunities to clients at this time. This may change in the future so please check back periodically for updates.

  • I noticed incorrect information on a listing or a listing is not showing, who do I contact?

    You can easily report a missing listing or error, first, open the app and tap the top button for the menu. Tap account settings then “report missing listing or error”. Please send the MLS# and/or address and the listing issue. Our tech team will evaluate it immediately!

  • When and how do I receive updates?

    App updates are sent directly to your device to download. Depending on your settings you may need to manually accept the download or it may be automatically completed.  Depending on the size and scope of the update you may receive an email notification informing you of the update features and any additional information and/or directions. If you are ever curious about an update or pending update please contact our customer support team at support

  • How do I incorporate my Mortgage Professional?

    Apps are equipped with the option to add a lender in as an additional resource for your clients.  If you have a lender who you think would be interested in being in your app, please contact your Account Executive for details.

  • Why is the listing agent at the bottom of listings on my app?

    Legally we are required to put the listing agent in a readable format on all listings. However, you will notice the listing agent information is at the very bottom, in light gray and with no links. This ensures legal compliance but also keeps the focus on you as the point of contact. If you are logged in as the agent you will have to ability to contact the listing agent but this does appear in the user version of your app.

  • Can I change the app background color?

    Definitely! Tap the menu button (top left corner of the app) then tap Account Settings. From there you can easily change the color and tap save.

  • How do I change my Icon/Logo?

    Our support team would love to assist you with this - email or call 202-630-2777

  • How do I contact my account executive?

    Our support team can get you in touch with the right person - email or call 202-630-2777.

  • Can I use this on a desktop computer?

    We, at HomeStack, believe that mobile applications are the future of not only technology, but business in general. In order to provide the best mobile application, we dedicate all our resources to developing, enhancing and maintaining the mobile platform. Therefore we are not supporting a desktop version of our product at this time. However, we are developing a web portal for the agent insights feature. Check back periodically to learn more information.

  • How do I incorporate my app into my Marketing and Branding?

    We recommend that you incorporate your app into every facet of your branding and marketing strategy. There are numerous methods strategies on how to most effectively use your app. These are presented in the marketing meeting that our team puts together for you and your office after your app is available to download. If you feel like you need a refresher or have more questions, please view our webinars for more information. You can also contact your Account Executive or our Client Success Team at to set up a one on one meeting to discuss marketing and branding options.

  • How do I invite new users to the app?

    You can easily invite all your contacts in one step! From the app tap the menu button (top left corner) and tap “Invite Friends” from the menu. All of your phone and email contacts will automatically show. From there you can select contacts and invite or invite new to send the app to any phone number or email! We also recommend using some of our marketing tools to easily share your app through print and digital media - contact us at to get additional Marketing Training!

  • Is there any contract involved?

    With HomeStack we don't have any contracts - you can cancel your subscription at any time. There is however a terms of sale contract you enter into with us to build your app but there are no subscription-based contracts.


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