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HomeStack is a rapidly growing tech startup headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with one goal in mind: To reinvent the way real estate is done today. How are we going achieve this lofty goal? By designing personalized apps for real estate agents. These apps provide agents with live and accurate data, where they are the only point of contact. This allows for agents to directly communicate with their clients and incubate long lasting and profitable relationships. Our feature rich app is in its fifth version and we have over 1,000 agents already on board who love our product. However, we are not done as there are still many agents in need of this tool.

At HomeStack, we have the technology and we have the proven sales tactics. What we need are dedicated and driven individuals that are passionate about cutting edge technology and getting the word out to the real estate community about this life changing product. HomeStack is providing an opportunity for individuals to join an organization poised for rapid and massive growth. These new individuals will make an immediate and meaningful impact on the company and their careers.



About HomeStack

HomeStack is a real estate technology company specializing in personal branded mobile applications for Real Estate Agents and Brokerages.

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Phone: +1 (844) 469-0605

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