Lead Generation

Real estate lead generation has evolved. Welcome to the App World.

Print Marketing

Your app will be as easy to find as Facebook or Uber in the App Store because this is YOUR app. There won't be a complicated process or any special links required to send out to your prospects.

Add your app to every single piece that you send out! Real estate will always be a highly localized business model and clients want to know that they're dealing with a local expert. Show your commitment to your farm by providing them with an app that keeps them up to date with relevant real estate info specific to them.

Finally, a way to track your print campaigns! Add it to:

  • Signage
  • Flyers
  • Open House Handouts
  • Business Cards
  • Bench Ads
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards or Mailers
  • & Much More!

Digital Marketing

Having an app that has the most accurate data and updates the quickest is a huge value to your prospects. Tell them to ditch the pop-up advertisements and inaccurate Zestimates and download your app!

Analytics that lead to more closed business

  • App User Contact Info (name, phone & email)
  • Properties viewed, Favorited and Shared
  • Notes saved on Properties
  • & Much More!

Earn your client’s trust by delivering a quality experience. These analytics create intimate knowledge of your user’s behaviors and allows you to accelerate the conversion of your sales.

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