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Some of the app features

Agent Profile

Stay one touch away from your clients as we make everything simple. Never has calling, texting or emailing been so easy before.

Agent Insights

Experience in-depth analytics on your buyers, sellers and users behavior. Agent Insights allows you to better understand your client’s needs in instances they may not even know them.

Smart Search

Take the guesswork out of finding a dream home. Our Smart Search field takes as little as 3 characters to find what you’re looking for.

Favorite Homes

Ever encounter love at first sight? The favorites tab allows clients to save the treasured homes they come across and easily access them in the future.

Mortgage Calculator

Divide by 12, carry the 4, is that an exponent? The simple mortgage calculator gives clients a realistic preview of what their monthly payments would be.

Invite Friends

An App that does all of the marketing for you? It sounds too good to be true. Invite Friends connects people to download your app via text and email.

Why Real Estate Agents Love Us

Your Brand, Your Clients, Your App Powered By Us

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We all have a smartphone today

Our goal is to make communication between Real Estate Agents and their clients as easy, effective and fun as possible. What is easier than being at their finger tips, more effective than consolidating all of your contact information and fun as an App? You are immediately just one touch away from all you current clients, previous clients and millions of prospects when you have your own personalized mobile App.


The integrity of the home data in your app is our top priority. That is why we spent well over a year developing our proprietary feed, to insure a fast and accurate user experience with a connection to the MLS.

Only point of contact

You’re not going to find any “premier or preferred agents”. Safely incubate buyers, sellers and prospects in your app as you are the only point of contact.


App names are limited availability. Lock in your name and we will do the rest!

  • It's extremely accurate, it's easy to use, it's intuitive... my clients can check out the real estate market in North Orange County from anywhere in the world

    Dick Crawford - Prudential California Realty
  • The entire process was easy and perfectly executed. My clients are finding the app easy to use and are very excited to have it at their finger tips! I'm looking forward to improved communication and one touch lead generation.

    Lesley Siegel - Realtor in Manhattan Beach CA
  • The world is moving to smart phones with a high demand for quick access to information. I am thrilled to offer my clients this real estate app that is accurate, fast and very fun to use!

    Tricia Rapaport - Realtor Remax Estate Properties
  • I love that I can offer my clients a unique 24/7 real estate experience right in the palm of their hand.

    Chris Plank - Realtor with Shorewood Realtors
  • I am not another business card lost or thrown away. When my clients use their phone they see me as there Realtor. Love it!!!

    Carl Torres - Partner at Pinnacle Estate Properties
  • I am so excited to offer the public this wonderful real estate app where clients can shop for homes and research comparable sales, as well as countless other possibilities!

    Jerry Gooze
  • This is ingenious!

    Neil Klemow - Realtor

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